Rapha Education And Development Program

The Rapha Education and Development Program (R.E.A.D.) is a program geared towards providing homework and tutorial assistance, recreational activities and career-related enrichment opportunities for students of all ages from Grade 1 to post-secondary.  The program objectives include:

  • To help improve academic performance levels in areas of identified need
  • To promote the setting and pursuit of career goals
  • To encourage constructive extra-curricular activities and volunteerism
  • To create opportunities for social interaction in fun, positive learning environments

Students are paired with trained program volunteers based on identified areas of academic, and can benefit from once weekly or “as needed” assistance.  For younger participants, parents are also encouraged to actively involved and take interest in their child’s academic development.

Additional benefits of the program have included:

  • Integrating social orientation through educational field trips (museums etc.)
  • Liaising with community organizations to help participants find volunteer placements
  • Promoting access to professionals in careers of interest to participants through mentoring and/or job shadowing opportunities

*This program is offered based on enrollment or otherwise as needed.  Arrangements can be made for special circumstances.

Many senior citizens who live in residential care facilities often feel alienated from family and loved ones. The Senior’s First program is designed to provide a point of contact with the elderly in retirement and/or long term care facilities through periodic visitation.  Currently, a team of volunteers attend a local Senior’s residence to brighten the day of the residents through uplifting and inspirational songs and hymns one Sunday per month.  The opportunity for interaction is always well received!

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COVID19 Parameters: Rapha is currently following the guidelines of public health officials to ensure enhanced cleaning measures, hand sanitization, pre-screening checks, social distancing, and mask requirements for a safe environment.