Strengthening Black Children, Youth, and Families


Through prevention and intervention methods, Rapha Youth Outreach Services (YOS) program offers the support of Clinical Youth Outreach Workers to help youth and families navigate and connect with services and pro-social opportunities. The program is oriented to empower youth and their families to act on their own behalf and build community connections. The program is a provincially funded initiative through the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan.

Through one-to-one support, our outreach worker can help youth get connected to services related to:
Employment | Housing | New Comer/Settlement | Education | Youth Justice System | Mental Health Services


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OUR Focus

By using culturally-specific approaches, it is our desire to help strengthen protective factors such as school engagement, peer-group associations, community attachment and positive adult relationships to build resiliency in the community.

By engaging in planned, coordinated and responsive outreach strategies, we hope to foster interest with Black youth and their families to help:

Black youth find their voice and gain confidence in their positive life choices

Foster a positive self-image and a strong cultural identity

Encourage positive participation in the community

Receive and share information about youth’s interest, concerns and needs

Provide appropriate referrals and resources

Provide supportive counselling as needed


Help Black youth and families identify and articulate their needs

Support Black youth in their process to make positive changes in their life

Raise awareness of—and facilitate access to—locally available prevention and intervention resources

Provide short-term supportive counselling when services are not readily available

Connect Black youth and their families to appropriate services in the community

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